Industrial Lighting

The importance of a well-illuminated work place

We have always made great efforts in order to seek and study the better ways for illuminate your workplace because we are aware of the illumination importance for the working people, from the impact of the eyesight (and therefore to life’s quality) to the consumption reduction thanks to LED.
Let’s take a closer look to our method:


The fundamental step to understand the area to be illuminated is identify any critical issues of the place.


Once collected all the informations, we proceed with the development of the lighting project’s production plan.

Project Proposal

We introduce you what we have studied, discussing the focal points together.


We can add some optionals that could make the project exclusively personalized: it’s up to you to decide!


Once confirmed we begin to shape the work. For disposal you can avail yourself of your trusted technician or even one of ours.

Our studies are focused on LED tech.

LED Lamps guarantees longer duration and at the same time a drastic reduction of energy consumption. Considered this we provide a dimming system (optional): thanks to this technology you can adjust the intensity of the emitted light in order to adapt it according to the natural light present in the environment. This is great, isn’t it? You can always be sure to have the same light’s intensity, saving more in daytime hours.

A tailor made service.

Our lamps aren’t mass-produced. According to your needs and your work environment (an industrial area, small shops or also and outdoor area) we choose and assemble the most appropriate components, finding the right balance between efficiency and design. Our service is based on the ability to recommend and plan a lighting system that brings life to your interior and cut emissions.

Some shots of our products:


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